Pre-Selection (3 Days)

All applicants must successfully complete the Bastion Pre-Selection before enrolment into the 12-
months Bastion Risk Solutions Operative Programme. For more information, click here.
Persons with military and law enforcement background, will undergo a different selection process.
For more information, click here.

The Bastion Pre-Selection is the basic preliminary selection all applicants must pass to be
permitted to enrol. The aim and outcomes of the Bastion Pre-Selection is to verify whether an
applicant for the Bastion Risk Solutions Operative Training Programme:
• meets the psychological requirements in terms of the South African Gun Law;
• has the physical ability to undergo physical strenuous training and exercises;
• has the cognitive capability to pass the exams; and
• displays impeccable integrity to be trained and placed as a Bastion Risk Solutions Operative.

• Making sure that only vetted and screened students enrol in order to prevent
international criminals and terrorists from acquiring elite skills which can raise the stakes
for law enforcement agencies in the war against terror.

• To protect the financial interests of our students and their parents/sponsors by
ensuring that applicants meet the physical, mental and cognitive profiles required for a
Bastion Akademie Risk Solutions Operative.

All applicants wanting to enrol into the 12-months Bastion Risk Solutions Operative Programme
must successfully complete the Bastion Pre-Selection. For clarity sake, the sequence of training
• Pre-Selection
• Bastion Basic Training (14 weeks)
• Bastion Vasbyt (1 week)
• Bastion Specialist Training (9 months)
• Deployment As a Bastion Risk Solutions Operative

Bastion Akademie recruits the attitude and trains the skill, the approach of the present-day
employment market. This means that skills can be acquired, but attitude can’t. Our training
will drastically increase your fitness and you will learn a great many specialised tactical security
skills, but your attitude is something that only you can bring to the table. To this end, you must
comply with the following Bastion Akademie Pre-Selection requirements:
• General Requirements 
• Mental Profiling
• Medical Screening
• Screening and Vetting
• Physical Evaluation
• Phobia Tests

All applicants must comply with the following simple general requirements:
• Minimum age 18 years
• Proof of Citizenship or Country of Origin
• Well-Spoken in Afrikaans or English
• Recommendation of Spiritual Leader
• Recommendation of Head Master or (Previous) Employer
• Both sexes welcome
• Display a high standard of discipline, commitment and performance/achievement
throughout the entire training period

Applicants must submit a letter from your district surgeon to certify the following:
• General medical certificate which states:
• Good eyesight.
• Good hearing ability.
• No serious ailments or illnesses.
• Your physical ability to undergo strenuous physical training.
• That you did not previously sustain any serious injuries.
• That you do not suffer from any serious illnesses and/or ailments.
• You have no addictive habits related to drugs and alcohol.
• All certifications must be provided by a certified medical doctor only.

Again, you do not need to be a Comrades marathon athlete or an Iron Man participant.
However, it is in your best interest to ensure that you comply with the following minimum fitness
• 20 x Push-ups (non-stop)
• 30 x Sit-ups (in 2 minutes)
• 2m Wall Scaling (3 attempts) (with clean fatigue)
• 150m Fireman’s Lift in 105 seconds (with clean fatigue)
• 2.4km Run in 20 minutes (with clean fatigue)
• 30 (15 shuttle kicks per foot) x shuttle kicks (non-stop)
• 3 x pull-ups
• 20 x 6.15m shuttle runs in 120 seconds (with clean fatigue)
• 3 x Dips
• 4m Rope climb (3 attempts)
• 15km walk in 2 hours 15 minutes (with clean fatigue)

Note: The instructor will, during Pre-Selection, read to you the repetitions of each exercise
required to pass Bastion Basic Training. For Pre-Selection these repetitions, however, is a mere
standard to strive towards and is in no way contradictory to the above-listed minimum fitness

Only persons with the most stable, calm, strong, well-rounded and mature psychological profiles,
and who are in possession of the required aptitude, are admitted. Mental profiling comprises of the
• General Behaviour
• Problem Solving
• Observation Ability (60%)
• Vocabulary Test (40%)
• Ability to handle stress and pressure

Your screening and vetting process comprises of the following simple activities:

Credit Check
• Criminal Record Check (South African Police Clearance)
• Financial and Personal Background Checks
• Compliance potential in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
(PSIRA) regulations.

Hydrophobia (Fear of Water)
o 50m swim non-stop
o Swim through drum submerged underwater
• Pyrophobia (Fear of Fire)
• Acrophobia (Fear of Heights)
• Claustrophobia (Fear of Confined Spaces)
• Autophobia (Fear of Being Alone)
• Domestic animal phobia
• Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark)
• Noctiphobia (Fear of the Night)
• Hemophobia (Fear of Blood)

Pre-Selection Curriculum

Your Pre-Selection promises to be an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. The Bastion
Akademie Pre-Selection is a 2-day, action-packed programme full of adventure during which our
elite instructors will teach you the following basic skills:

• Physical Evaluation (Described above)
• Weapon Orientation Training
• Water Tests (Described above)
• Screening and Vetting
• Survival Pointers and Concept Application
• Other
• Basic Navigation Orientation

Your Survival Pointers and Concept Application is one of the most adventurous modules of your
Pre-Selection during which we teach you the basics of:

• Survival Psychology
• Finding and Procuring Water
• Reading the Weather
• Building a Waterproof Survival Shelter
• Crafting Survival Weapons
• Starting a Fire Without Matches
• Ability to function alone

The ability to navigate with precision and with pinpoint accuracy is an essential core skill of any
Risk Solutions Operative. Hence the importance of testing your learning ability related to the map
reading and land navigation. During your 2-day Bastion Akademie Pre-Selection, our elite
instructors will teach you to:

• Plot yourself on a map
• Calculate direction
• Plan your navigation route

Pre-Selection Fee

Your all-inclusive Pre-Selection fee amounts to ZAR 3,000 (three thousand Rand) and includes all
tests and evaluations, intuition fees, transportation, meals, accommodation, etc

In order to procure your spot on the Pre-Selection, follow the following simple steps:

• Complete the contact form below
• Pay a R1000 non-refundable deposit
• Pay the remaining R2000 when you arrive for the Pre-Selection
• Submit all required documentation when you arrive for the Pre-Selection

What Must I Bring Along?

• Black PT shorts of black poly-shorts
• White Tennis Socks
• Running Shoes x 1 pair 
• Hiking Boots x 1 pair 
• Hat or cap
• Raincoat 
• Warm Jacket 


Completed Application Form
• Curriculum Vitae of Applicant
• Testimonial of Headmaster (Pupils only)
• Testimonial of Current Employer (Youth Labourers Only) Testimonial of Spiritual Leader
• Certified Copy of ID
• Certified Copy of Passport (If applicable)
• Colour ID Photos x 2
• District Surgeon Certificate
• Confirmation of Physical Address

• Bible
• Pocket Knife
• Rope
• Stationary (notebook; pen; pencil; eraser; small ruler)

• Sleeping Bag
• Pillow
• Small Rucksack / Small Big Pack
• 2L Water Bottle
• Towel
• Toiletries

Pre-Selection Enrolment

In order to procure your spot on the Pre-Selection, follow the following simple steps:

• Complete the contact form below
• Pay a R1000 non-refundable deposit
• Pay the remaining R2000 when you arrive for the Pre-Selection

Submit all required documentation when you arrive for the Pre-Selection