Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Less than 51% of young South Africans secure jobs after school. Many leave to work overseas as blue collar labourers to save money to enable them to follow their dream career. We enable you not only to discover your dream career, but also to start early and to secure a viable career path with professional support and assistance. In summary: Bastion Akademie provides you the best and most comprehensive tactical security training, mentorship and coaching in the world. Plus, for the rest of the graduate’s life, he/she remains a member of the Bastion Akademie. What other training institution does all that?

Answer: As with upmarket universities and technicons, we cannot guarantee work on completion of the 12-months training course. However, it is our core business to find and to secure a career path for each and every graduate. Hence our slogan, “It’s All About You!”. It is in our direct interest to find, to secure and to mentor our graduates along their career paths. Our graduates’ expert subject knowledge, and our core values, ethical business norms and international training standards make our graduates (Risk Solutions Operatives) very rare and sought after.

Answer: The Pre-Selection fee amounts to ZAR 3,000.00; the 3-months Basic Bastion Training Phase amounts to ZAR 60,000.00; the Bastion Selection Course amounts to ZAR 5,000.00; the 9-months Bastion Risk Solutions Operative Course amounts to ZAR 120,000.00.

Answer: Yes, we have several financing options available. Please contact our offices for more details.

Answer: Yes. We assist applicants as far as humanly possible with their financing applications

Answer: Bastion Akademie has 4 (four) intakes per year namely in January, April, July and October each year.

Answer: Enrolment is so easy. If you want to enrol for Bastion Akademie’s Survival Adventure camp, you simply fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page or you can phone +27 (0) 83 481-0107 and we will assist you.
If you want to enrol into Bastion Akademie’s 12-month Risk Solutions application for enrolment. Again, if you have any questions or uncertainties, you are most welcome to contact us by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page or you can phone us at +27 (0) 83 481-0107 and we will assist you.Operative Training Programme, you first have to attend and pass the Pre-Selection where after you file an

Answer: We have only limited space available per intake as our training model is based on Special Forces training where a very small instructor-student ratio is imperative. To secure your slot, contact our offices and enrol onto our upcoming Survival Adventure Camp.

Answer: As you are trained in several elite fields, you have an enormous amount of career avenues in the Private Security Industry. As a specialist, you are earmarked for the Corporate Risk Solutions Industry that pay “top Dollars” to conduct specialised assignments such as safeguarding leaders of government and industry, celebrities, etc. Other companies will employ you to investigate crime as an undercover agent or as an investigative officer, or to conduct high-profile security duties to safeguard convoys, shipping and/or critical infrastructure. Airline companies may employ you as an Air Marshal (flight undercover agent) who is responsible to safeguard passengers, crew and the aircraft in flight. Mines, upmarket arts museums, financial institutions, etc may employ you to escort precious and high-value goods worth hundreds of millions of Rands by air, land or sea around the globe.

Answer: It depends on your career choice and your preference. Some students prefer to work in extremely high-risk areas in order to earn very large salaries. Others prefer to work in safer conditions overseas, whilst still others prefer to work in South Africa only. As mentioned, our graduates are employed in the Corporate Risk Solutions Industry which is completely different field than the regular Private Security Industry. Unless our graduates require so, they will not be deployed as regular security guards at café’s and shopping malls. Instead, they are employed by selected employers who require and are willing to pay for their expert skills and knowledge.

Answer: South African Corporate Risk Solutions companies and service providers are willing to pay between R20,000 – R30,000 per month starting salary, whilst Corporate Risk Solutions Consultancies in high-risk countries are willing to pay between US $180 – US $350 per day.

Answer: Every person stresses on the first day of work, especially if it is your first work. Many struggle to find out exactly what is expected of them and are either afraid to ask or do not know who to ask. Our unique Mentorship and Coaching Programme is designed to assist you from your first day of work with professional advice and assistance. This means that we act as a friend you can freely communicate with if you encounter any trouble or if you have any questions or if you need more information. Knowing that you have an entire network of experts to assist you surely gives you peace of mind, rendering you the possibility to outperform your peers for promotion.

Answer: Although we focus primarily on careers in the Corporate Risk Solutions Industry, we are committed to your career excellence. Hence you are under no obligation to be placed meaning that you are free to choose your dream career path.

Answer: Our 12-Months Training Programme is divided into 4 (four) quarters of roughly 12 weeks each. Training commences on the first full week in January of every year and training finishes on or near to the 15th December of every year. Students get more or less 7 (seven) days leave between every quarter to relax and to recuperate. Training is conducted according to a tight yet well-planned daily, weekly and monthly routine that starts at 04H30 every morning to cover essentials such as:
•  Spiritual growth
•  Personal quiet time
•  Leadership Character development
•  Personal inspections
•  Discipline
•  Personal fitness
•  Self-Defence and Unarmed Combat
•  3 (Three) meals a day
•  3 (Three) refreshment breaks a day
•  Self-study and homework
•  Theoretical examinations and practical evaluations
•  Personal hygiene

Answer: Bastion Akademie’s Risk Solutions Operative Course is open for men and ladies alike.

Answer: This is a question that many young people ask us. Yes, you can die during training or when employed just like you can die crossing a busy street or in a car accident. However, we enforce strict training safety standards and expect of employers to do the same. In addition, students who directly or indirectly endanger the lives of other will be immediately removed from course and sent home.

Answer: We recently moved offices to the Boschkop area East of Pretoria. We use several training facilities in and around Pretoria, Eastern Transvaal as well as Mossel Bay and Velddrif in the Western Cape.

Answer: Injured students are not necessarily removed from course: We try to keep them on course in order to allow the student to fully recover. However, students must still attend all lectures, although they are pardoned from practical participation. Once the student recovered, the student is enrolled onto our Recovery Plan during which special lectures will be presented before and after hours to allow the student to catch up with the rest of the course.

Answer: If you obtained a qualification from a recognised training facility or educational institution, we conduct a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) evaluation, as prescribed by the South African Safety and Security Education and Training Authority. If you passed the evaluation, your qualifications are recognised.

Answer: The age restriction for students are 18 – 35 years of age.