Bastion Vasbyt (1 week)

The term “Vasbyt” is the Afrikaans word for “biting down hard and to never let go”. As the term ‘Vasbyt” implies, the Vasbyt is a physical strenuous evaluation during which the physical aptitude, physical endurance and the practical application of your newly acquired skills will be evaluated under realistic, simulated operational conditions by external evaluators (persons not in the employ of Bastion Akademie who served in elite military and police units).

The Bastion Selection Course follows directly after the 3-months Basic Bastion Training Phase the successful completion of which is required for all students who wish to proceed with the remainder of their 12-months Risk Solutions Operative Training Programme. However, it is not compulsory for students who wish to undergo the 3-months Basic Bastion Training only.

The purpose of Bastion Vasbyt is to practically evaluate the level of acquisition and application all basic security skills acquired during the 3-months Basic Bastion Training Phase under simulated operational conditions.

•   Entry Tests (Fitness Tests). The Bastion Entry Tests are the exact same fitness tests all students do every Saturday morning.
•   Simulated Security Operation. During the Bastion Vasbyt, we create an operational security scenario with circumstances very similar to what he/she can expect when placed as a Risk Solutions Operative. Students are intensely observed and evaluated throughout for all aspects mentioned already.
•   Truth Verification Tests. During the polygraph tests, all students are tested for truthfulness and with compliance to Bastion Akademie policies and procedures. Questions to be asked include but are not limited to truthfulness during formative and summative assessments, integrity, drug use and possession, etc.

We will test all students for the following qualities:

•   Attitude.
•   Discipline.
•   Level of personal fitness.
•   Physical endurance.
•   Leadership.
•   Initiative.
•   Attention to detail.
•   Sense of urgency.
•   Ability to perform under pressure.
•   Observant nature.
•   Practical application of basic security skills acquired.