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Survival Adventure Camps

The Survival Adventure Camp is an intensive, action-packed 3-day survival adventure in the daunting African bush. Contradictory to most adventure camps, our Survival Adventure Camp teaches you practical survival skills which enable you to survive in the bush anytime, anywhere.


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To better explain the benefits and nuances of the Survival Adventure Camp, click on the below links to read more about how you can benefit:

- Dynamic Leadership Skills
- Training Programme
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Dynamic Leadership Skills

During this 3-day unforgettable adventure, you will:

• Acquire basic survival skills.
• Truly discover yourself and your abilities.
• Learn to trust and to believe in yourself.
• Further and enhance your self-confidence.
• Size up a situation.
• Use your senses.
• Learn to navigate with compass and map.
• Value life and value living.
• Learn to improvise, adapt and overcome challenges in life.
• Vanquish your fears.
• Better your decision-making skills.
• Improve your basic knowledge of the bush.
• Learn to deal with stress.

Training Programme

The exciting 3-day programme includes the following activities:

• How to procure water in the bush.
• How to build an effective survival shelter.
• How to start a survival fire without matches or a lighter.
• How to make a survival bow and arrow.
• Practical pistol training and pistol musketry.
• How to navigate with a compass and map.
• Survival cooking.
• Physical Training.
• Profiling.
• and much much more ...

Don't miss out on this unforgettable once in a lifetime adventure!  

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