Personnel Placement Service

Why recruit Bastion Risk Solutions Operatives?

With more than 105 years combined experience of our permanent training staff, we fully understand the peculiar predicament of sitting at your desk, running through piles and piles of job applications that always come with the risk of employing the wrong persons. The saying goes, “Recruit the attitude and train the skill.” But why not recruit people with the attitude and the skill, people with a solutions-driven and outcome-based mindset? However, finding such people are extremely difficult as they are few and far between.

For your peace of mind, Bastion Akademie will forward you a monthly Customer Satisfaction Index to be completed and sent back to our Head Office which we fully incorporate into the Mentorship and Coaching Programme of the Bastion Risk Solutions Operative you’ve hired in order for you to meet your growth objectives.

The consequences of high personnel turnovers and replacement costs, unethical conduct by employees and by expensive and time consuming recruitment and training businesses and enterprises face every day are aggravated by an increasingly competitive environment amidst a global economic crisis. This occurrence places tremendous pressure on enterprises and business owner

Experts unanimously agree that in future, mainly those businesses who invested smartly in cost-effective personnel solutions will survive.

Recruit Whom You Know and Know Whom Your Recruit

astion Akademie offers international and South African security businesses and enterprises with a strong conservative ethos and professional core values “business growth agents” in the form of Risk Solutions Operatives, the supreme elite of the global Private Security Industry

Bastion Akademie’s 12-month highly intensive Risk Solutions Training Programme presented by our elite instructor corps comprising of former members of the South African Special Forces Brigade, the elite South African Police Task Force, 44 Parachute Brigade, the South African Police VIP Protection Unit, etc in a vast array of elite tactical skills with a strong operational outcome-based training philosophy, moulds our students into presentable, highly flexible, adaptable and multi-skilled Risk Solutions Operatives with conservative ethical core values who can optimally function in a host of environments varying from ultra-extreme corporate environments to undercover work to ultra-high risk work in extreme survival conditions, whether it be maritime, land-based or aviation-related.

Your personnel investment package is all-inclusive and includes:

Monthly Customer Satisfaction Index

• Quarterly Site Visit and Meeting

• Quarterly Reports

• Quaterly Training and Re-Training of Risk Solutions Operatives (as needed)

• Telephonic Assistance

Contact us for a package that suits your budget. Packages mainly depend on the following:

•  LOCATION: It depends from what global region or from which province your business operate from in South Africa.

Quantity of Personnel: The more people you hire, the better the offer.

Signing up is so easy:

•  Contact us and make an appointment.

•  Facilitate interviews with applicants.

•  Procure Service Level Agreement


By signing up today, you not only make an investment into much needed integrity, confidence and flexibility and the ability to adjust to ever-changing operational challenges: You most ultimately invest in the ability to embrace and to capitalize on scarce once-in-a-lifetime market opportunities whilst saving on expensive recruitment, training, mentorship and replacement costs.

In other words: You will own the competitive edge today as the skills, mindset and ethos of our Risk Solutions Operatives:

• Allow you to focus more on strategic issues rather than on operational matters

• Reduce your personnel turnover

• Reduce expensive recruitment and training costs

• Reduce your personnel costing

• Secure an invaluable return on a clever investment

• Save valuable personal time

• Make your business flexible and adaptable



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