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Operative Training Course

Elite career opportunity as a Risk Solutions Operative


The 12-months Bastion Akademie Risk Solutions Operative Training Course focusses on training all our valued students to functionally operate in a variety of ultra-high risk security environments. To this end, you will be trained from basic security training up to the safeguarding of people and assets in maritime, airborne and land-based operations, whether this might be in a covert, overt or clandestine manner.

To this end, your Bastion Akademie 12-monthRisk Solutions Operative Training Programme comprises of 3 (three) separate and distinct training phases namely:

  • 14-Weeks Bastion Basic Training
  • 1 Week Bastion Vasbyt (Selection)
  • 8 Months Bastion Specialist Training Phase

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- Risk Solutions Operative Course

- Elite Instructors Corps

- Training Locations

- Mentorship and Coaching

- Course Fees

- Financing That Suits Your Needs


Bastion Basic Training

 The 14-weeks Bastion Akademie Basic Training Course focusses on embedding basic security skills to be applied throughout the rest of the year’s training, as well as in all your future operational deployments.

  • Course Administration (1 week)
  • Bastion Weapon Training (3 weeks)
  • VIP & High-Risk Guarding (5 weeks)
  • Map Reading, Land Navigation and Basic Air Photo Interpretation (2 weeks)
  • Fieldcraft (3 weeks)
  • Daily Routine Activities


Course Administration

During the Administration Week, all course administration will be completed to the entire training year, including the completion of all accreditation papers, taking of pictures, etc. We also conduct a site and area orientation, issue all personal equipment, and teach you how to:

  • Wash and iron your clothes.
  • Correctly apply shoe laces.
  • Shine your boots and shoes.
  • Prepare an inspection bed.
  • Prepare an inspection cupboard.
  • Conduct cleaning and maintenance.


Bastion Weapon Training

Musketry and weapons proficiency is an essential core skill to any Risk Solutions Operative. To us at Bastion Akademie, we apply a non-compromising approach to weapon safety and the application of sound musketry principles. During the VIP and High-Risk Guarding Course, we spend quality time on the shooting range during which personal attention is paid to each and every student, ensuring that the musketry principles is soundly applied. 

On successful completion of the 3-weeks Bastion Weapon Training Course, you will obtain the following accreditations (qualifications):

  • Legal Aspects
  • Handle and Use of a Handgun
  • Handle and Use of a Handgun for Business Purposes
  • Handle and Use of a Shotgun
  • Handle and Use of a Shotgun for Business Purposes
  • Handle and Use of a Manually-Operated Rifle
  • Handle and Use of a Manually-Operated Rifle for Business Purposes
  • Handle and Use of a Self-Loading Rifle
  • Handle and Use of a Self-Loading Rifle for Business Purposes

However, our Bastion Akademie Weapon Training Course teaches you the following skills with each weapon category, something rarely taught by any other weapon training institution:

  • The Fundamentals of Musketry
  • Safety Rules and Safety Precuations
  • Stripping and Assembling (blinfolded against time)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Shooting Range Orientation and Procedures
  • Basics of Tactical Combat Shooting


 VIP and High-Risk Guarding

The 5-weeks VIP and High-Risk Guarding follows the Basic Weapon Training Course and underpins the basic, essential security skills required for conducting professional security work in your line of duty. The on successful completion of your VIP and High-Risk Guarding Course, you will acquire the PSIRA Grade E – A or the SASSETA Skills 1 – 3 qualification, depending which one is relevant to the Security Regulator (PSIRA) at the time.

During your VIP and High-Risk Guarding Course, you will learn:

  • Pack and carry your personal combat equipment according to Special Forces' standards.
  • To handle, operate, clean and maintain security equipment.
  • Ethics and Etiquette
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Legal Aspects
  • Court Procedures and Giving Evidence
  • Radio and Telephone Communication
  • Terrorism
  • Recognition of Terrorist Weapons
  • Observation, Guarding and Patrolling
  • Access and Egress Control
  • Searches and Search Procedures
  • Cooperation With the South African Security Forces


Map Reading, Land Navigation and Air Photo Interpretation

Map reading and land navigation are core skills of any Risk Solutions Operative: In your line of duty, you not only have to plot a land navigation course for vehicle movement and for foot patrols, but also have to correctly plot Landing Zones (LZ’s) for fixed-wing aircraft and loose-wing aircraft (helicopters; gyrocopters; etc.).

During the 2-weeks Map Reading, Land Navigation and Air Photo Interpretation Course you will learn to:

  • Prepare a map for tactical security operations.
  • Plot your position on a map.
  • Plot a navigation course.
  • Navigate with instruments (map and compass).
  • Navigate without instruments, i.e. navigation by means of the sun, moon, stars, nature, etc.
  • Conduct elementary (basic) air photo interpretation by identifying basic natural land artificial features.
  • Tactical navigation by day and night.



Fieldcraft is an entry level skill to all tactical bush-related training and operations. During our 3-weeks Fieldcraft Course you will learn to:

  • Prepare and pack your personal equipment for bush operations.
  • Camouflage and concealment of yourself, your weapon, your personal equipment, vehicles and aircraft.
  • Correctly and accurately judge distance as to apply sound musketry.
  • Fire control and fire discipline.
  • Immediate Action (IA) Drills
  • Preparing an improvised perimeter by means of digging combat trenches (fighting positions).
  • Temporary Bases (TB’s)
  • Applying sound tactical movement skills.
  • Cross obstacles such as fences, wires, ditches, minefields by means of prodding, etc.
  • Stalking
  • Range Maps

During our 3-weeks Fieldcraft Course, you will experience an operational tempo you never imagined as we need to hone and imbed the aforesaid Fieldcraft skills, most especially for the upcoming Vasbyt. It is most especially during this course that you will learn to rely on yourself, your equipment and on your training.


Daily Routine Activities

The daily routine activities refer to all other training and activities not necessarily included in any of the aforesaid courses and which not only still form an essential part of the entire training programme, but which also form part of the make-up and training of a Risk Solutions Operative. These skills and activities include:

  • Drillwork
  • Inspections
  • Discipline and the respect for seniors, elders, ladies and somebody else’s property.
  • Physical Training (marble PT; pole PT; fitness progress tests; long-distance walking; combat PT; rifle PT; etc.)
  • Food preparation and presentation.
  • Conducting guard and sentry duties.
  • Accepting responsibility for one’s actions and for others’ property.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.
  • Operating hand tools (spades, picks, gardening equipment, tools and spanners, etc.).
  • Quiet Time, reflection and spiritual growth.


Bastion “VASBYT”

The term “Vasbyt” is the Afrikaans word for “biting down hard and to never let go”. As the term ‘Vasbyt” implies, the Vasbyt is a physical strenuous evaluation during which the physical aptitude, physical endurance and the practical application of your newly acquired skills will be evaluated under realistic, simulated operational conditions by external evaluators (persons not in the employ of Bastion Akademie who served in elite military and police units).

The Bastion Selection Course follows directly after the 3-months Basic Bastion Training Phase the successful completion of which is required for all students who wish to proceed with the remainder of their 12-months Risk Solutions Operative Training Programme. However, it is not compulsory for students who wish to undergo the 3-months Basic Bastion Training only.

The purpose of Bastion Vasbyt is to practically evaluate the level of acquisition and application all basic security skills acquired during the 3-months Basic Bastion Training Phase under simulated operational conditions. We will test all students for the following qualities:

  • Attitude.
  • Discipline.
  • Level of personal fitness.
  • Physical endurance.
  • Leadership.
  • Initiative.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Sense of urgency.
  • Ability to perform under pressure.
  • Observant nature.
  • Practical application of basic security skills acquired.


Bastion Specialist Training

The 9-months Bastion Specialist Training Phase is the last yet most important training component of the 12-months Bastion Risk Solution Operative Training Course. The 9-months Bastion Specialist Training Phase starts directly after your successful completion of the 3-months Bastion Selection Course.


Risk Solutions Operative Training Course

To this end, Bastion Akademie's elite Risk Solutions Operative Training Course is based on the typical Special Forces training model which critical outcomes are tailored to exceed the current and future needs and demands of the global Private Security Industry. Our uncompromising approach to safeguarding life, assets and interests demands iron discipline, flexibility and the ability to tailor and to implement real-time risk solutions to present-day and foreseen security risks.

Bastion Akademie offers you:

• Professional career guidance.
• Elite tactical training in several fields.
• An array of specialised skills.
• Exciting outdoor adventure.
• Affordable career avenues.
• Global career placements.
• The opportunity to earn a substantial income.
• Discipline.



Bastion Akademie's students are rigorously selected, trained and mentored by an elite instructor corps comprised of former members of the South African Special Forces Brigade, the elite South African Police Task Force, 44 Parachute Brigade, the South African Police VIP Protection Unit, etc.


Training Locations

Due to the extensive array of our Risk Solutions Training Programme, Bastion Akademie has a great many training locations which include but are not limited to Pretoria, Johannesburg, Rayton (East of Pretoria), Molotto (North of Pretoria), East Transvaal, Mossel Bay, Saldanha, Stellenbosch and Velddrif.


Mentorship and Coaching

In sharp contrast to other training institutions, Bastion Akademie goes the extra mile to ensure that your transition from the training environment to your actual workplace is as smooth and as uneventful as possible by offering you on-the-job mentorship and coaching: Upon graduation, you are assigned to a seasoned professional whom you can pose any work-related questions without uncertainty and without feeling obliged.

Bastion Akademie's unique Mentorship and Coaching Programme is an extension to the 12-months training programme and is designed to enhance your career excellence by offering you:

• 24-Hours telephonic assistance.
• On-Site Mentorship (inside the RSA) by seasoned professionals.
• Quarterly Mentorship (graduates employed internationally) by seasoned professionals.
• Career Alignment and Planning by career planning experts.


Course Fees

If one list all the subjects and add the costing of each, you will get to an enormous, probably unaffordable amount. In South Africa, such training will cost you at least between R1500/day to R10 000 per day which amounts to R550 000 – R3.6 million per year excluding accommodation, meals, transportation, personal equipment, etc. Should you decide to go for overseas training, it will easily amount to much more.

On the other hand, a gap year course easily amounts to R80 000 and basic tertiary training at a university or technicon to R120 000 excluding accommodation, meals, handbooks, etc and definitely without the prospect of finding and pursuing your dream career.

Bastion Akademie's all-inclusive course fee includes:

• On-Site Accommodation
• Three Meals per day
• All Training Related Travelling
• Three Coffee Breaks per day
• Elite Uniform
• Elite Learning Material
• Ammunition
• Professional Instruction
• Accreditation
• Career Alignment
• Career Interviews
• Mentoring after completion of the course
• Job placements

Our course fees are*:

• Bastion Pre-Selection: ZAR 3 000 VAT Inclusive
• Bastion Basic Training: ZAR 60 000 VAT Inclusive
• Vasbyt: ZAR 5 000 VAT Inclusive
• Bastion Pre-Selection: ZAR 5 000 VAT Inclusive
• Bastion Specialist Training: ZAR 134 950 VAT Inclusive

* Prices are subject to change


Financing That Suits Your Needs

Bastion Akademie is sensitive and flexible to each student's abilities, offering you tailored financial scheduling that makes it affordable. The available options include:

• Pay cash up front and earn 10% discount.
• Ask us for references to financial institutions for your loan application.


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