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Bastion Akademie Open Day


To attend the Bastion Akademie Solutions Open Day, simply fill out the form below and submit or phone us at +27 (0)83 481-0107.

Open Day

Date: 23 November 2013

Venue: Bastion Akademie, Pretoria



The purpose of our Bastion Akademie Open Day is to demonstrate to relatives, potential employers and role-players alike the set of elite skills our Bastion Akademie students acquired during the past few months under realistic, yet simulated operational circumstances. In stark contradiction to typical demonstrations which are rehearsed to perfection, this simulation clearly demonstrates our students’ capabilities under realistic operational conditions.



During the period of 1994 - 2010 the rural communities of the Mooiplaats, Boschkop and Kleinfontein, also known as the Greater Boschkop Area, have been plauged by a spate of farm attacks, murders and robberies. At the time it was one of the areas/parts in the country with the highest incedence of crime. The Greater Boschkop Community community decided that it was time to stand up against these criminal acts and created  a “farm watch”. This farm watch, took action and structured themselves to closely collaborate with the South African Police and all other emergency units. Each of the aforesaid communities are directed by an elected Exco which are supported by an array of support teams such as the A-Team, Patrol Team, Medical Team, Logistical Team, Ops Room Team, etc. They pulled their resources and acquired two-way radios, emergency trailers, firefighters. The A-Team is the quick reaction/response team which purpose is to react in any emergency situation i.e farm attack, robbery, armed intrusions, unlawful entry, etc with the purpose of pursueing and possibly apprehending the criminal(s). This team is equiped with an array of tactical equipment/gear to personal preference of each team member and pursuit is done by means of vehicle, horses, motorbikes, dogs, and even a helicopter if and when available. Currently, it is a force to be reconed with and has a proud history of successfully protecting the community.

Bastion Akedemie trains High Risk Security Operatives for the private security industry. The main aim is to help young men and women gain direction for their future by providing specialised tactical training as well as protection abilities. Courses include, inter alia, Minor Tactics, Urban and Rural Surveilance, Tracking and Ant-Tracking, African Bushcraft and Survival, Camouflage and Concealment. Bastion Akademie became part of the Mooiplaats, Boschkop, Kleinfontein communities since 2010. With our strong and uncompromising commitment to protecting property and people, and our high regard for family values, unity and safety, Bastion Akademie soon became involved in the activities of the community and started building strong relations with the people of the area.

Soon both the Greater Boschkop Area and Bastion Akademie realised that the need to test their/our practical skills and the idea of a simmulation/practical exercise was born. Following a quick description of the simulation:

Bastion will identify a farm and the students must do reconnaissance without being detected/compromised. On retrun from their reconnaisance mission, the Bastion Akademie students must conduct deployment drills which includes the setup of a sand model, give orders and prepare equipment. On the day of the simmulated attack, our Bastion students will conduct a ultra-high risk law enforcement raid on a the specific farm and “apprehend” high-risk criminals. The A-teams of Kleinfontein, Boschkop and Mooiplaats will be activated and must come to the rescue of the farm owner “under attack”. At the same time, our Bastion students will be told that they have been compromised. They will start a process of Escape and Evation for a distance of nearly 90km on foot with the A-team in pursuit. The A-team must protect their “honour” and try to apprehend the “criminals” (i.e. our Bastion students) with all means, skills and techniques available.The understanding/agreement is that in the event of capture, the Bastion student will be submitted to extreme harsh treatment as in the event of being captured by terrorists. The students, on the other hand, will do their utmost best to get away to prevent this (dauting) experience. The Escape and Evasion event will commence at approximately midday on Satuarday and the our Bastion students have to report to the pre-defined Rendezvous (RV) 90km distant no later than Monday evening 19H00.



This will be a very realistic excercise where the skill levels of both parties will be tested under realistic, yet safe and controlled conditions. It is expected that both groups will perform to the best of their abilities because each will want to demonstrate their skills sets, and superiority amoung the partaking “competitors”. But, more importantly, to know that they will be able to ap  ply these skills to protect their families and property and/or to do the job that they were trained for in a real-life situation.         

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