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Community Assistance

Community Safety and Security That Works

For more than 3 (three) years, Bastion Akademie is actively involved in the safety and security of communities and selected businesses. Typically, our students assist with array of services absolutely free of charge that includes but are not limited to security patrolling, crime intelligence gathering, crime prevention, on-the-job training to security staff, risk assessments and analyses, medical assistance, fire fighting, etc.



Our Community Assistance Is Absolutely Free

This unique offer is absolutely free of charge. All we require is a written request beforehand that complies with all legal aspects and a written reference on completion of the mission.

Typical Businesses

This unique and absolutely free offer is ideal for:

• Rural communities
• Hotels and Tourism Industry
• Financial institutions
• Game farmers
• Security companies
• Armed Response Companies
• Asset-in-Transit companies
• Private Investigation Companies
• National Key Points
• Aviation companies
• Individuals
• Etc


The synergy of community assistance is that our Bastion Akademie students' elite training programme is enhanced by practically applying the elite skills they're taught when assisting communities and businesses with safety and security related issues whilst enhancing the safety and security of such communities and businesses absolutely free of charge.


As many communities and companies contact us to make use of this unique and absolutely free offer, we can accommodate them only on a first-come-first-serve basis and pending on the availability of the students and their stage of training.


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