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Combat Survival Course
Be Acknowledged as an Achiever

Whether you are engaged in actual combat or seeking the adventure of a frontiersman or engaged in the daily struggles typical to the hectic corporate environment, Bastion Akademie guarantees you that our Combat Survival Training Course will set you apart from the rest: Besides acquiring exceptional Combat Survival Skills, our Combat Survival Training Course will teach you the intricacies of dynamic leadership in challenging times, as well as the fine art of improvising, adapting and overcoming.

Your Course Curriculum

Your instructors are former members of the South African Special Forces with an unstoppable passion to share their knowledge and to train ambitious, adventure-loving go-getters like you for 3 (three) consecutive weeks to the following:

  • African Survival Skills (Survival Psychology; Reading the Weather; Water; Shelters; Survival Fires; Survival Snares; Hunting; Skinning; Survival Cooking; Gathering; Survival Navigation; Survival Weapons and Equipment; Survival Clothing; Survival Travelling; Search and Rescue; etc)
  • Tracking
  • Anti-Tracking
  • African Animals and Animal Spoor
  • African Plants


Our Bastion Akademie Combat Survival Training Course teaches you:

  • To survive in extreme African survival conditions
  • To provide dynamic leadership in any/unique challenge
  • To rationally assess any challenge/situation, and to formulate and to action SMART goals and objectives
It's Ideal for Professional Adventurers Like You

Bastion Akademie’s Combat Survival Training Course is a must for professional adventurers such as:

  • Soldiers, Law Enforcement Agencies and private security contractors
  • Private and commercial aircrew
  • Adventure-loving tourists
  • Hunters
  • Dynamic leaders of government and business

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