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Insufficient Career Guidance Is At the Order of the Day

The youth labour market is probably the most important phase in any young person's development, particularly the transition from school to work or further/higher career education and training. In our 4-year intensive research, we've discovered that the South African youth labour market is characterised by severe problems, most fundamentally, its inability to facilitate the progression of young people from school to other learning or employment activities.


The Pitfalls of Inadequate Career Guidance

In addition, less than 37% of school-leavers secure jobs and with the current global economic crisis, this figure seems bleaker which not only fuels, but aggravates uncertainty and insecurities in the minds of school-leavers.

Consequentially a great many talented young people leave South Africa to find work abroad in the hope of discovering themselves, finding their dream career and to save enough money to pursue their dreams.

Others enrol into a gap year programme and some others embark on tertiary studies or further training and development in pursuit of what they think their dream career is. Tragically, research has proved that the success rate to any of these recipes is less than 11%.

Starting Early With Your Dream Career Sets You On a Path of Excellence

If they only had proper professional career guidance and planning combined with character development such as Bastion Akademie's elite Risk Solutions Training Programme, it would not only save them valuable time, effort and money, but would focus our youth onto the pursuit of career excellence.

Regardless if you are a Grade 11 or Grade 12 pupil, a student, young employee or scholar, you seriously need to start considering opportunities available to you.

Did you know that the typical university graduate will have a career spanning 30 to 40 years and it therefore makes perfect sense to make the wisest possible career choices?

Earn a Substantial Income Backed By Professional Career Guidance

As Bastion Akademie understands the fears and insecurities of talented young people like you, we create a unique opportunity for your sustainable career excellence by recruiting, selecting, training and placing you as a Risk Solutions Operative, the supreme elite of the Private Security Industry, where you can earn a substantial sustainable income, backed by professional career alignment and planning.

Invest In Your Future Today

In order to discover, to follow and to achieve excellence in your dream career, Bastion Akademie offers its students professional career counselling with seasoned professionals. To this end, we facilitate a career counselling session with Prof Johann Meyer, the former head of Student Counselling at Stellenbosch University, whose professional career advice we combine with the substantial income you can earn as a Risk Solutions Operative.

In other words, Bastion Akademie combines the high income job opportunities in the corporate and ultra-high security environments as a result of political rife and civil unrest, international terrorism, maritime piracy, organised crime and industrial espionage with professional career alignment and planning by seasoned experts in order for you to follow your dream career independently.


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