Earn a Substantial Income Backed By Professional Career Guidance

As Bastion Academia understands the fears and insecurities of talented young people like you, we create a unique opportunity for your sustainable career excellence by recruiting, selecting, training and placing you as a Risk Solutions Operative, the supreme elite of the Private Security Industry, where you can earn a substantial sustainable income, backed by professional career alignment and planning.

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In order to discover, to follow and to achieve excellence in your dream career, Bastion Akademie offers its students professional career counselling with seasoned professionals. To this end, we facilitate a career counselling session with Prof Johann Meyer, the former head of Student Counselling at Stellenbosch University, whose professional career advice we combine with the substantial income you can earn as a Risk Solutions Operative.

In other words, Bastion Akademie combines the high income job opportunities in the corporate and ultra-high security environments as a result of political rife and civil unrest, international terrorism, maritime piracy, organised crime and industrial espionage with professional career alignment and planning by seasoned experts in order for you to follow your dream career independently.


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